Saturday, October 5, 2013

Perth Royal Show Creative Crafts 2013

Every year in the October school holidays the Perth Royal Show happens. Last year for fun I entered a couple of my crocheted items into the Creative Crafts competition. This year I entered again, the exhibits I chose were a toy cow and a traditional crocheted baby layette. The coveted award is an RAS sash that I really would love to win. It didn't happen this year (my toy cow got a highly commended and was beaten by the beautiful cow filet crochet piece pictured below), so next year I must up the ante, and I hope to come home with the sash!

Here are the results of the creative crafts competition for 2013.

My toy cow "Daisy". She was awarded a highly commended
Daisy and Granny Cow, also awarded a highly commended

And the winning entry was this lovely cow filet crochet piece

This is the baby outfit that I entered (minus the booties which I did not finish in time)

Some of the cute baby outfit entries

Tuesday, January 29, 2013



This capelet is fast to make. You can crochet a tie or use a ribbon of choice!
You will need:
Super Bulky Yarn (such as Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick)
10 mm hook
optional: ribbon

Row 1. chain 20 loosely, turn, dtr into 5th ch fron hook, dtr into each st to end of chain, turn.
Row 2-17. ch 4, dtr into each st to end of row, turn.
Row 18. ch 4, dtr into each st to end of row, finish off and weave in ends.

Tie: ch 45, weave in ends or know and cut yarn and tease out yarn for a tassel effect.

Adding tie/ribbon: Weave through one long side if stitches.

Feel free to use this pattern to make as many as you like. But please reference me as the designer. Thanks!

Free Super Chunky Cowl Crochet Pattern

I have notebook full of patterns from things I have designed over the years that I would like to share. I will gradually be adding many free patterns that you can make for yourself at home.


This cowl is very thick and warm and is made with a twist.

You will need:
super bulky yarn (such as Lion Brand Thick 'n' Quick)
10mm hook
large tapestry needle

Row 1. Chain 20, double treble into 5th chain from hook, double treble into each chain until end of of row, turn.
Row 2-11. ch 4, double treble into each st to end of row.
Row 12. ch 4, double treble into each st to end of row, working the last stitch into the 4th ch of the ch 4 that was at the start of the previous row.
Finish off leaving long end for sewing.

Twist scarf once then sew short edges together.

Feel free to make and sell as many as you like!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pompom Garland Tutorial

I made this pompom garland at Crafternoon last week. It was so easy to make and now has pride of place hanging over my lounge room window. I have provided links to show you where you can purchase the pompom and cord for hanging. Have fun making your very own garland.

Pompom garland tutorial

You will need

blunt end large tapestry needle (available from sewing shops or Spotlight)


Thread a length of nylon cord onto your tapestry needle. Then simply sew the pompoms along the cord, evenly spaced. The pompoms will stay in place along the cord so you do not need to tie knots in the cord. Tie loops at each end for hanging. Voila! You have made your own pompom garland!

Christmas Tragicrafting

Time for a craft show and tell! Here are some projects I have completed in the lead up to Christmas. Some of them were made during Crafternoon - where a bunch of friends and I got together and ate iced-vovos and gingerbread cats while crafting some christmas bonbons and hats. I just love Crafternoons, I highly recommend that everyone start up their own crafternoon.

We made christmas crackers. I put mini whisks, handmade hats and jokes inside...

We made christmas hats to be worn at the table at Christmas day lunch...

We made pompom garlands. You can use small pompoms to make a necklace or christmas tree decoration and large ones to make a long garland to decorate your house. In my next blog post I will provide a tutorial for making the pompom garland.

Merry Christmas and happy making!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Easiest ever crochet newborn baby beanie

It has been too long since I have posted a free crochet pattern on my blog. I've been back teaching full-time this year so I haven't has as much time as I would like to write up and design patterns. But the joys of being a teacher include having 6 weeks off over summer - yayy! So here is a pattern I have designed to make THE EASIEST EVER newborn baby hat. It takes me less than 15 minutes to whip one up. Even beginners should be able to get a good result.

Newborn Hat Pattern (white wool and 5mm hook)

Round 1: Ch4 (this counts as one dc), 11 dc in 4th ch from hook. (12dc) Do not join.
Round 2: 2 dc into 4th ch of ch4 from previous row, 2dc in each st around. (24dc) Do not join.
R3: *dc in 1st st, 2dc in next st*, repeat to end of round. (36dc) Do not join.
Round 4 – 9: dc in each st. (36dc)
Round 10: hdc in each st to last 3 sts, sc in last 3 sts, ss to finish off.
Fasten off and weave in ends. Finished measurements: approximately 5.5 inches tall and 6 inches wide.

©melpdesigns 2012. Permission is granted to make and sell items made from this pattern, but please kindly reference me as the designer. Please do not sell or distribute this pattern.

How did you go? Was the pattern super easy or what?!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Perth Royal Show creative craft entries

For a laff, this year I am entering some of my crocheted creations into the Perth Royal Show creative crafts competition. Unfortunately I won't be able to see them on display because I will be on holiday in Japan.  I'm entering this very scaring looking scarecrow toy:

I'm also entering this fair isle-style hat

and this mohair shawl.

(flower trellis detail on the shawl)
I really want to win a ribbon!!