Amigurumi Postcards Giveaway

I had some postcards printed up of an art work I created last year that was published in The Love Is My Velocity Cookbook. You can win one of 2 I'm giving away.

The image is of a family of 4 beans - Black Eyed Pete, Len Teel, Chic Pea and Broad Ben - posing for a portrait, inside a fancy gold frame. I hand crocheted these amigurumi characters and my friend Karen took the photo and added the photoshopped frame.

To win a postcard, leave a reply below. For 2 extra entries, become a facebook fan and leave another reply saying you're a fan, and follow me on twitter and leave another reply saying you follow me on twitter.

Good luck! Will let you know the 2 winners on Sunday the 18th April.


  1. Pick me! Pick me! They are so cute - especially the one that I'm assuming is Broad Ben. I'm encouraging my friends to enter, too.

  2. Also, I'm a fan of yours on Facebook.

    PS the facebook link on the sidebar does not work.
    PPS I don't have twitter due to fears that I would never get any sleep/work done (maybe when my exams are over?)

  3. Thanks for that Elissa, the link works now. Maybe every entry will be a winner and you'll win both!

  4. Oh, the postcards are too cute.
    I love the names you gave the little guys.
    Count me in!

  5. Using a random number generator, the 2 lucky winners are...
    Elissa (uglygirl) and Narelle. Well done ladies, and thanks for entering! I'll contact you soon :-)

  6. Yay! Thank you. I think I will be selfish and keep it for myself.

  7. Oh, yaaaaaay!!!!
    This is the first thing I have won.......ever!
    I'm so happy, thanks Mel.

  8. Email me your addresses ladies and I'll post them out. :-)


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