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Alpacas are one of the greatest animals on earth. Cute, wooly, and the inspiration for many folk arts around the world. Here are a collection of new and vintage items all made from alpaca yarn. But to start with, a video of an alpaca chewing I took earlier this year at an alpaca festival, and a photo of a pair of cute alpacas...

Vintage alpaca figure

Ruffle capelet made from Tasmanian alpaca. Crocheted by me, designed by Tiny Owl Knits.
Vintage Alpaca Poncho

Vintage alpaca jumper


  1. These are adorable, Mel! I love the color you chose for the capelet, and the ribbon makes it so femme and delicate.

    I'm new to crocheting, currently the producer of one puff stitch hat and in the middle of the scarf pattern you posted. Do you have the pattern for the ruffle capelet? I'd love to try something a little more challenging in the coming months! Thanks for your blog, it's really great!

  2. Hey Alyssa,

    Thanks for your nice comments! The ruffle capelet is a design from Tiny Owl Knits, you can purchase the pattern here:

    It is fairly easy to make, but a little time consuming (and yarn consuming). But worth the time I think :-)

    x Mel.


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