Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm on holiday!

I'm half way through my month of holidaying in Europe. Have spent 2 weeks in Greece and the Greek islands, and today is my last day in beautiful Amsterdam. Here are some photos of me in some of my favourite places.
On the Greek mainland, this is Ancient Delphi.

A beach on Mykonos - I french braided my own hair after a swim.

Pretty sunset on Mykonos.

Lion statues on the island of Delos where there are more ancient Greek ruins.

A little street on Paros - typical cycladic houses, all white and lots of bogenvillia trees blooming.

The byzantine way - a walk through the hills of Paros island.

On a volcanic island, Oia in the background (Santorini island)

Chania, Crete. A really interesting place with venetian architecture and history.

A canal in Amsterdam.

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