Friday, December 23, 2011

Crochet Patterns on Sale

Hello my fellow crafty crocheters. I've had my published crochet patterns on sale for the last couple of weeks, and they will continue to be on sale for the month of January 2012. There are lots of free patterns on this blog, but if you didn't know, I also have my extra spesh designs for sale in my etsy store. All pattern come in PDF format, emailed straight to you within 12 hours of purchase.

All patterns currently HALF PRICE until the end of January 2012. Find them here. Cheerio, and happy crocheting over the holidays!

X Mel
Mobius Cowl

Ascot Scarf
Cloche Hat with flower
Fingerless mittens
iPod cozy

Friday, December 16, 2011

Snood cowl collar neckwarmer - what do you call it?

It's summer here in Australia, so about time for me to start on new winter designs for 2012. I've had trouble naming my latest knitwear design - these things have just too many names. Sometimes they're called snoods, sometimes cowls, or just plain 'ole neckwarmers. But I've decided on the RIBBED TWIST COLLAR. That title describes it well - the collar has a mobius twist and is crocheted in textural ribbing.

I have a couple of colours available in my etsy and madeit stores now, and the pattern is also available if you would like to crochet one for yourself.

What would you call this knitwear garment?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mel P Designs in Frankie Magazine

Originally uploaded by Mel P Designs

Mel P Designs featured in Frankie Magazine (summer 2011). I've been a subscriber and fan of this magazine since 2005, so you can imagine it's a bit exciting for me to be in it, even in this little way! :-) Check out the latest Frankie magazine and look for the Leeloo ad page.

The item featured is my bow tie brooch, available now from Leeloo for just $11, including postage.

 Wear the brooch like a bow tie, or anywhere you please. Expect compliments when you wear it!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

NEW crochet pattern - scallop collar

Yay, I'm happy to show you my new published crochet pattern! I've had this design in my repertoire for a while, but recently have edited and published it into PDF format.

I've made collars form this pattern for myself and for sale, and it really is versatile and useful little accessory, even if I say so myself. I found it came in extremely handy on my holiday in Venice last January when it was super cold. The collar folds up small for travel, but is surprizingly warm.

The pattern is currently half price in my etsy store (regular price $4).