Monday, January 23, 2012

Competition Time! Win these earrings.

Win these cute handmade crochet earrings by liking or sharing on your wall/page. Go to my facebook page and become a fan, then like or share the photo of the earrings. On Wednesday 25 Jan 2012 I will use a number generator to pick the winner. Super easy!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crochet Tip 1: turning chain for double crochet

You've asked for it: more crochet patterns and tips on my blog. I'm starting a series of "crochet tips" where I will post tips and techniques that I find useful in my own handiwork, and you might too. So the first tip I've recently discovered has made a big difference to the look of crochet rows.


When you get to the end of a row of double crochet, patterns normally require you to turn, then chain 3. The chain 3 counts as the first dc of the next row. But I have a better way to give a neater, more aligned edge. Here's how you do it step-by-step.

1. At the end of the first row of dc, turn but DO NOT chain.

2. Single crochet into the last dc of the previous row.

3. Chain 1. (The sc and ch1 count as a dc)

4. Continue the row of double crochet as normal.

See how much neater you edges look?

x Mel P.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Free Crochet Peter Pan Collar Pattern

I love Peter Pan collars. They look cute and whimsical over a vintage dress or floral top. I've been wanting to crochet one for ages, but couldn't find any patterns for a simple collar, so I have designed one myself!

Here's the pattern. Feel free to make as many of these a you like. But if you are going to sell the finished product, please be kind and reference me as the designer.

x Mel.


Materials: 4 ply cotton - I used Panda brand (but worsted weight acrylic or wool would be fine too), small button or bead.
Hook: 3.5mm
Terminology: American crochet terminology used.

ch 65, turn

Row 1. skip fist 3 ch, dc in each ch to end, turn.

Row 2. ch 3, *dc in each of next 5 dc, 2dc next dc*, repeat to end, turn.

Row 3. ch 3, *dc in each of next 6 dc, 2dc next dc*, repeat to end, turn.

Row 4. ch 3, *dc in each of next 7 dc, 2dc next dc*, repeat to end, finish off.

Row 5 - Edging. With right side facing, join yarn in one corner of foundation chain edge. Sc evenly around around, with 2 sc into corners, until you reach the opposite end of the foundation chain. Chain 5, ss into second last sc just made, and join with a ss. (this is the loop for the button). Finish off.

Sew a button or bead to align with the loop. Collar should measure about 14" around the neck.

That's it! I would love to hear how you went with this project. Happy crocheting!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Crochet Bunting

Happy New Year! I hope the start to your year has been wonderful, and that you all enjoyed/are enjoying the festive season. I had a fabulous Christmas and New Years Eve, and hosted a little New Years pre-party party at my house. Even my dog Sparky got into the spirit of things in her sparkly party hat.

I used fairy lights and bunting to decorate my backyard for the party. I have learnt to sew recently, so made my own bunting from a vintage fabric kit I bought from My Poppet. I know bunting is overused, you see it everywhere now, but I still like it!

My first new crochet project for 2012 is this mini triangle bunting. The pattern is suitable for beginners - I have made the instructions super-easy to follow with lots of photos to reference. Get the pattern here, or buy the finished bunting here.

How has your festive season been? Did bunting feature in your decorating?!

x Mel P.