Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shibori with natural plant dyes

The other weekend I attended a shibori workshop at Kings Park where I learnt how to dye fabrics using natural dyes made from local plants and trees. Shibori is a japanese craft where you bind, clamp, twist or tie fabric before placing into a dye to create multitudes of patterns. The dyes were made from native WA plants including wattle and eucalypts, a dark purple dye was made from purple carrots. Boil up a pot of purple carrots (you can buy them at the supermarkets at the moment), and you can use the purple water to dye things. I'm looking forward to using my new skills to dye my own silk scarves and wool.
tools of the trade

tying the fabric into a donut

binding wool with elastic bands

some finished creations from other workshop participants

I dyed the four pieces in the centre

sunset effect by dipping half fabric in wood ash  dye

some more examples of shibori

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