Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Tragicrafting

Time for a craft show and tell! Here are some projects I have completed in the lead up to Christmas. Some of them were made during Crafternoon - where a bunch of friends and I got together and ate iced-vovos and gingerbread cats while crafting some christmas bonbons and hats. I just love Crafternoons, I highly recommend that everyone start up their own crafternoon.

We made christmas crackers. I put mini whisks, handmade hats and jokes inside...

We made christmas hats to be worn at the table at Christmas day lunch...

We made pompom garlands. You can use small pompoms to make a necklace or christmas tree decoration and large ones to make a long garland to decorate your house. In my next blog post I will provide a tutorial for making the pompom garland.

Merry Christmas and happy making!

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  1. Love the hats. My friend is nagging me to start doing crafternoon - our first project will be hats!