Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Free Super Chunky Cowl Crochet Pattern

I have notebook full of patterns from things I have designed over the years that I would like to share. I will gradually be adding many free patterns that you can make for yourself at home.


This cowl is very thick and warm and is made with a twist.

You will need:
super bulky yarn (such as Lion Brand Thick 'n' Quick)
10mm hook
large tapestry needle

Row 1. Chain 20, double treble into 5th chain from hook, double treble into each chain until end of of row, turn.
Row 2-11. ch 4, double treble into each st to end of row.
Row 12. ch 4, double treble into each st to end of row, working the last stitch into the 4th ch of the ch 4 that was at the start of the previous row.
Finish off leaving long end for sewing.

Twist scarf once then sew short edges together.

Feel free to make and sell as many as you like!


  1. Hi Mel,

    I made this in a beige color and absolutely love it. I'm a beginner and love how simple it was to make. Thank you for sharing this pattern! I hope you'll be posting more soon.

    1. Hi Taleta! Since you've completely this with success perhaps could you help me to understand how the first row ends and the second row begins? See my comment below... I'm positive I'm not doing this correct. Thx!!! :)

  2. Hi Mel,

    I love this pattern and am I'm trying to make this for the first time but I'm a bit confused by how finish row 1 and start row two...

    The one double treble, turn are leaving me with a big loop from the first double treble so I mustn't be doing something right... There doesn't happen to be a video that you could refer me to for this step?

    Thanks in advance...

    1. The big loop made from the chain 4 counts as a stitch for the next row. When you get to the end of the next row, work the last stitch into the last chain of the chain 4. These are tall stitches so there will be gaps in between each stitch. Watch this video and see what she does at 3.27. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kD1PeCCWgGA

  3. Error in pattern has now been fixed - sorry Shannon.

  4. How many stitches should there be in each row?

    1. there will be 16 stitches plus the "chain" stitch...
      so 17 total!

  5. Hello, I was wondering how many inches the cowl is supposed to be. Cause mines doesn't seem long enough after 12 rounds to sew together. Is the double treble stitch the UK version like in the link you posted or US version?

  6. Just like Deska Albert it was not long enough for me either after 12 rounds.

  7. What color Lion Brand yarn did you use? Thank you.